Sony Ericsson

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Although, it should be noted, those "plugs" that are given as a set of excellent quality – listening to music through them is a pleasure. And here the engine on / off key lock, which acts independently of sliding keyboard cover (about it – below). The notion originally appeared in the Sony Ericsson S700, where […]

Dog Tricks

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We have to teach our dog to give the order to stop what you are doing, which interrupted its activity. We can use this if for example during a walk he begins to pry into the trash or improper somewhere. Training will consist of teaching the dog to stop doing what you are doing and […]

The Power Of Magic

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The magic allows us to alter the natural course of events and aim them in the direction we wish. There are several types of magic. According to the purpose we can distinguish: white magic is used to provide the good people and under no circumstances white magic spells can be used to exert negative influences […]

Magic And Tricks

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For a long time in history people, not to say that since the presence of the first man on Earth, has always thought about certain activities that go beyond the common possibilities that have all persons, is say the presence of supernatural abilities in certain people, and one of the activities that has been considered […]


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It is an art magic. The Wizard of today is seen not just as a magician at fairs, corporate events, weddings or birthdays but also in variety shows. Precisely these magicians are the ones who once again show that the magic is really an art and not only demonstrate the ability of any tricks. The […]