South American

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One has paused 11 people, 5 of who they have entered prison. They impute robbery with violence and force, injuries, drug traffic and illicit possession to them of arms. Agents of the Mossos d' Esquadra and of the National Body of Police has put out of action a group of delinquents specialized in holdups and […]

Subject Conscience

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Moral Discipline-Theology Subject Conscience and Sin Date 2.1-Conscience – it is freedom next to the ethical structure of the behavior and the Biblical concepts, being that the conscience if points out between the basic option and the concrete decisions, as much that if can ahead observe in at and the NT a valuation of the […]


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The cost of the course by mail is several. But the economic hill 10 BsF Also I can enviarte landlords of the clothes that you wish to make aside without terner that to only buy the course the landlord; 12 Bsf by each landlord. Parones de Traje de Bao Clothes of children Clothes of ladies […]

Afro-Brazilian quotas

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It says not to Racism! As the nonsense of racial segregation in a country of mestizos can be accepted As to explain the rotten decisions that mask a racism underneath. Racism is not only stops with the blacks but with that they differ from color. However all a historical past takes the exclusion of these. […]

The Way

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Making with that the child desperte the interest and the capacity to construct its proper ideas. Displaying them in way significant not only for itself exactly, but interacting with others and making with that the child if feels the will and believes that it is capable to construct knowledge in the collective, that is, as […]