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When we say of improvement in the process of reading and writing, we do not only speak in activities that improve the performance, but also in what it stimulates the interest. The mentioned activities are, for example tricks, games, activities with musics, drawings, among others. REVISION OF LITERATURE Socialization For Garrison; Kingston and Bernard (1974), […]

Budwig Cells

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This is the belief of the followers of the Budwig diet. The Budwig diet is a special diet created by Dr. Johanna Budwig, which was one of the researchers of cancer more respectada in Europe. His life was dedicated to the search for a natural and effective cure against cancer, and the Budwig diet is […]

Stretch Ceilings

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Stretch ceilings are a high-strength vinyl cloth, a crosslinking of pvc strips on the customer's design. Despite the fact that their thickness is only 0.17-0.22mm, they can withstand fairly heavy load of about 100 kg per meter. At the same time have a number of advantageous characteristics: high moisture resistance, fire safety, covering a large […]

Treated Ideology

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Of general form, the scientific theories can be analyzed in two perspectives. First, they consist of analyses of the relations between the scientific statements. In this direction, scientific explanations look for to describe the logical structure them. In as aspect, the scientific theories express the concern with the proper nature of Science. In this as […]