Train Ticket

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With a ticket of train in the hand I saw, me, surprise, numaestrada. I do not know as I arrived, neither because was there. Dream? Madness? It was surrounded of people of all types and all asidades. All spoke with me at the same time and also between itself. After a certain time and effort, […]

Know The Future Estes Where Estes Through A Query Of Tarot Via Sms

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Thanks to the development of science and technology of communications, such activities can be conducted effectively. A related site: Drew Houston mentions similar findings. 50 years ago, the readings of Tarot cards were limited to the homes of those who knew a seer. I.e. they were exclusivity of those with sufficient purchasing power to hire […]

Divine Reality

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We are saying in the truth of the Alter Swaying Ego. This farcical personage! Its colorful clothes are weaveeed with wires of the selectivity, under the regimen of the law of Gerson and dress its soul-instrument. The bred soul that was for the Deity in flagrant necessity, serves of platform of landing for the Spirit, […]


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No need to cry – “Ah! Here it is – the secrets! “Nothing special – a reasonable and sane person going under this scheme goes on these moves yourself, easily and almost automatically. Naturally. Yes, and here – in the end, for the duration of the contract, 20 – 22 000 “uev” spending to pay […]

Crushing Teeth Arrangement

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In general, small crushing previous tooth horn back and horn have the trend of making broken teeth bow downward, which can improve the ability to impact loading broken tooth, but it will reduce the ability of broken teeth to bite the bulk material; broken tooth rake angle and rear horn have the trend of rising […]


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Concentration is a mental tools more powerful at our disposal, but few people know really use it to its maximum capacity.Essentially, the concentration is the ability to focus attention on a current task, while blocking other distraction or unrelated stimuli. This includes sounds insignificant, visual, and most important input, thoughts that wander or inapplicable. When […]

Michael Looking

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It was 9 in the morning, that Monday January 7, 2008, in Lima, attending consultations inthe Capital.estaba Solidarity Hospital in Lima-Risso, assessed on a "Bunny Lady" (as the poet said Laredino Watanabe his mother) with 18 children and a total genital prolapse and its 70 years, no one came with your questions … that sounded […]