New International Version

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The day that pastor Damian decided to challenge the orders of his superior, their problems began. On one side, your Ministry partner felt had forward a contender and he, in turn, thought that he was giving leaps to print changes to the Congregation. I trusted in you and look, you are against me told pastor […]

The Matrix Reality

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Of course for my (nor for the cinema) it is a new subject is only framed in the virtual, imaginary space besides presenting/displaying the subject of a simulated reality and a protagonist that takes brings back to consciousness of this fact and chooses the option to rebel itself. Another films like Matrix, personages live within […]

Hair Loss Treatments

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In these notes we provide information provided by suppliers of Pilfood in the United Kingdom, aimed at providing a better understanding of the logic underlying the development of Pilfood hair treatment program. The opinions are those of the providers, and the facts stated are taken as such from the literature of the provider. Pilfood concept […]