Government Chavez

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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Venezuela with the aim of consolidating the energy, economic and military cooperation with the Caribbean country. The energy issue is a priority for Russia, since in the Venezuelan market are already operating companies in that country. Both countries also decided to continue fighting together for the […]


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In the communities of the interior (Vargem of the Cedars, Saint Maria and Orange grove), the interviewed ones need the natural resources to continue its existence, its production whereas in the coast in such a way in the Siri how much in the Pinheira the interviewed ones recognize the importance of the park, ' ' […]


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The President admits that change is being done at maximum speed. To CiU, with whom PSOE and PP are negotiating to get a greater consensus on the proposal: reform has nothing to do with the territorial distribution of power. Zapatero says he is closer than ever to Rubalcaba. The President of the Government, Jose Luis […]

United International College

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* Labor growth: the money is not it everything, but certainly aid. More and more, who dominate other languages, or at least that manage to speak the English with fluidity, are more of the asked for professionals anywhere in the world and are considered more employable in the labor market, on its monolingual colleagues, to […]

The Disadvantage

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Aesthetic: Another aspect to consider is the importance of aesthetic design of the equipment stored in relation to ease of use, in terms of styles of equipment, the following are key in today's market: BLOCK or ROD: It is the style more robust, solid and simple because they have no moving parts to better support […]

Original Internal

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How began the great ideas? Then it was with the mere idea and soon with support of continuous actions until being reaching the suitable states of profit, in fact a process is everything, the important thing is that these people had the faith, desire, conviction, determination, confidence, etc. In order to cause that the things […]

Control Panel

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9 Regulation the level of artificial lighting depending on natural lighting in order to take advantage of the sunlight and reduce consumption of electrical energy. 10 Pint the walls of the environments of light colors, to take advantage of natural lighting. An extra tip: use latex rather than oil paintings paints. Latex paint releases less […]


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This is one of the great secrets of life, beyond the law of attraction that is a universal law, I think that the wonder that is able to show us the law is that the power is within us. We are able to deliberately create what we include in our daily life, the law of […]