Karsten Werksnies

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Some health insurers take into account with higher reserves or security surcharges in the posts than others, and accordingly is there at the beginning of the post slightly higher. Of course, this does not mean the reverse, that only an expensive health insurance is the best choice. Dropbox is open to suggestions. Independent advice to […]

Technologies Ltd Service

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Lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer retention are improved by Internet caller identification reveals the company names of the site visitor – LEADSEXplorer London, large Britain September 14, 2009 – the Web service LEADSExplorer transforms the Internet caller ID in the name of the website visitor, similar to telephone caller ID. When a phone call […]

Whitelabel Solution

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The new online service ‘NewsRoomWizard’, offers social media newsrooms in the own look & feel. “” Ahrensburg, May 17, 2010 – under the name of NewsRoomWizard “(www.newsroomwizard.com) a new service for the establishment of modern online press area starts today, so-called social media newsroom”. A social media newsroom presented press information, multimedia content and a […]

Dubai Country

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A new premium music service with a revolutionary mobile application for mobile launches pay-radio service for mobile phones and Web – wide music selection and latest news at your fingertips Hamburg, the October 19, 2009 with the launch of radio country of what’s your mood today”. The unique radio country technology guarantees highest sound quality […]


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As this constellation can be expressed the planetary motions appear more often decline as direct distance, if they are in opposition to the Sun. So subtle, they symbolize a whirl of consciousness, called also not Sun because this affects the collective unconscious. Uranus is 23.46 degree in fish, which means, that expedient objectives involves the […]

Conference Centre

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Once in a year, the Tubingen fairvesta Group invites their main distributor to report on current developments and the status of the Fund. Also in this year, where about 430 participants from several European countries in a Conference Centre in the vicinity of Stuttgart came in addition to the fairvesta management and the distribution maintainers. […]


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Tulle outfit, stripes outfit, monofilament or lace approaches? Lay people to assess the quality of a wig only according to their hair and cut, but the skilled person turns around first the wig and examined the outfit (which is the hood, where the hair is attached), because that determines, how well a wig is sitting […]

Tariff Structure

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The pink giant feels the breath of competition in the neck. Therefore the tariff structure has been revised in a timely manner. The tariff structure of Deutsche Telekom is now relatively simple. The pure telephony tariffs are referred to as single play. The tariffs, which include both telephony and DSL, called consequently rates double play. […]

Research Institute

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Structure of grassroots democracy errors with regard to the grassroots democracy one should confuse the grassroots democracy not with a referendum! First, is the latter only to occasional political events, while the grassroots democracy is structurally closely connected with parliamentary democracy; It is their permanent addition. Secondly, the decisions are not directly taken by grassroots […]


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The cigar is made up of three components of the filling, a binder leaf tobacco and the wrapper. Toppings (Tripa – App., Filler – English). The bulk of the mass of cigars account for the filling. If this is a cigar made by hand, filling consists of tobacco leaf, cut into strips along the length […]