Three Names And A Label

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The German label George Gina & Lucy conquers the world market it is hard to imagine, in the incredibly short period of time, the world of accessories Yes changed Nicolas Neuhaus, his wife Nicole Bailly and a mutual friend named Oliver Bruhn revolutionized. Actually wanted to produce textiles the trio, however, started with their company […]

German Schlager

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“But it was a nice experience already. “And the important thing was for me but work in television to know.” And with this knowledge evolved is also his artistic self-image in leaps and bounds. The trip to the folk music remained short; Bogner was predestined for a career in the border area between Schlager and […]

The Secret Of Success For A Perfect Appearance As A Model!

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The demand by customers to determine the market value. Models can work through presence, perfection and perseverance. The Agency Habib models chatting under the covers and tell us here are a few secrets to the topic of how to become a successful model? “. As a model, it is always important to get full usage. […]

Internet personal Services

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The late singer was in June on 123people most wanted Amy Winehouse was a phenomenon a shock, their lives for the fans. With only two albums had succeeded in the always colorful public personality to international fame. Her musical career was so dazzling, so hard she teamed in the private sector. Winehouse included alcohol and […]


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Information about oxidative and direct attractive colours and the whitening of hair. What hair color is the most gentle for my hair, probably one of the most frequently asked questions, which is addressed to salons. We try to create what hair color the best meets your needs and wishes a quick and easy overview. Oxidative […]

Regional Direction

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The Beautiful Brown Square is a space clipping of one all (city of Serrinha), whose searched subject involves all the society. For if dealing with one of the main squares of the city of Serrinha, it shelters in its entorno some segments as: schools, company of the Military Policy, Regional Direction of the Health of […]

Director General

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The ease and the inventiveness of the Chinese when copying has no limits. That they say if not to Metro Group, the chain of stores in Germany, and that is experiencing a real problem because of counterfeiting occurring in China. This company has sold a whopping 6. all iPhone 4 whose boots, not having spent […]

German Golf Association

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More and more Germans find standardization of course permission for golfers playing pleasure in the Gulf. With increasing interest, the density increases but at the same time on golf courses. To yet one fl? a high enough “basic training” new golfers to ensure legitimate and safe operation of the game is required. This “basic training” […]


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In fact the man cannot live without drinking water or electricity; and if at the same time much less. It would be the beginning of the end of the world for human beings. This problem is exacerbated when at the same time we feel extremely heat or unbearably cold as separately is happening at various […]


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Dumping prices for disposable drinks a case for the Cartel Office Hannover/Kassel, April 2009 – with ecological correctness has the technology review blogger Niels Boeing strange experience. He wanted to return non-returnable bottles and cans at a supermarket redemption machines. The apparatus was again haunted two doses. A saleswoman Boing explained that the rejected non-returnable […]