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If you place to think a moment about the phrase become a millionaire in 10 minutes, insurance would give you many sensations at the same time, one better than the other in effect. Sounds great the idea of becoming a millionaire so so simply in 10 minutes, the freedom that would, possible holidays, new cars, […]

Philosophical Anthropology

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According to Sociology, the man is seen from its condition of social interaction An including definition of the human being, that it searchs to contemplate the totality of its to exist and its place in the order of cosmo is the task of the Philosophical Anthropology 1. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kaihan Krippendorff . […]

So Paulo

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Currently, Brazil has more than five million practitioners and turned a national fever. The athlete number is not only bigger of what of soccer practitioner. The street race helps to keep the form, to know new people, and already until This true army of corridors armed of shorts, t-shirts joined diverse couples in So Paulo […]


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Other people! Which shone with their own light thus giving illumination to the monumental hall where we were we moved we went towards them I began to cross the hall and to see the faces of the people hoping find to somebody .nos relative we touched our arms as greeting form were no familiar face […]