Funding From Abroad

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Not be accepted any donations or funding from abroad for the development or sustaining what the state defines as political activists and candidates on any electoral process will not be entitled to withdraw from the race until it is actually carried out; also rises the percentage of signatures for the referendum request of 10% to […]

South Africa

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* The variety of landscapes farther from the metropolis of Cape Town’s fascination then sets the “icing on the cake”: In addition to the relatively nearby, historic wine-growing areas is especially the Garden Route along the Indian Ocean, nearly every one term. Less the plant world, but rather the Sandy beaches and nature treasures here. […]

Thatcher Children

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Margaret Thatcher never felt that some Chief of State had more power than she. He always envied, that yes, the one that showed some conductors. It’s believed that actress and filmmaker sees a great future in this idea. That dawn of domination, the elevation of podio, its energy. To Simon Rattle (Liverpool, 1955), director of […]

Forest Ecology

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Forest ecology studies the relationship between forest phytocoenosis () and the environment, forests and environment in a broader context. The object of ecology are also certain types of wood and non-plants and other forest organisms. Thus, forest ecology includes both -logic (forest and environment) and autekologicheskie (individual species and environment) aspects. Wood – a natural […]

Mary Mestraitua

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Futurmedia director, Mary Mestraitua locates the user profile to specific coordinates: a intuimos who are women in 80% of cases, and that is between 25 and 40 . Majority are residents in our territory, but a tambien those not residing in the Basque country are to be home here, either because one of them is […]

Intercultural Training Japan

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Lost money – lost business in Japan in a few other cultures, the truth of the face has a decisive significance, as in Asia. An intercultural training Japan shows how affects this behavior in the realm of the Tenno, and what pitfalls holds this cultural property just for German managers. Certainly, anyone who is engaged […]

Training When Two Quarrel

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Mediation in the individual interviews and Schuttlemediation in everyday business when two quarrel, is pleased the third. I think we all have already gotten this wisdom as to hear child. But today it can mean: If two quarrel then both enjoy! Where does this change? There is talk of professionally guided by mediation. “Mediation comes […]

Occasion Vehicles

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During the past year the average price of the occasion vehicles was of 12,690 Euros, according to data of AutoScout24, which less means a 1.1% than in 2010, and it is added to the slope that already took place in previous years. This is thus in spite of the increase of sales in this sector […]

Tatyana’s Day

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Gaudeamus igitur or Tatyana's Day? Among the red calendar days has been 255 years flaunts a frosty January figure of 25. This day is special not only because it merged two old national holiday. David Karp is open to suggestions. In Tatiana's Day, or Day of the Russian Students usually end up all session meal […]

Elections Without Politics

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I no longer wonder why our illustrious representatives when the time comes to vote, do not resort to the historical memory of the golden age, much less cite Don Quixote in his rallies?. And it’s not because they have fame who wrote it, and have even ridden the odd show with his name: Miguel de […]