Abortion And Rape Contradictions Of Group Catholic

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The Director of the Group Catholics for the right to decide, Maria Consuelo Mejia, pointed out that abortion is a fact justified when a woman practice is by the need to safeguard their integrity and the purpose that a traumatic and painful process as a violation is resolved. In legal terms, abortion is fully justified in which women have the need to preserve both their integrity and their mental health, overcoming the painful trauma of a violation; without in embargo, in accordance with the terms established by the Faculty of Canon law at the Pontifical University of Mexico, the issue of abortion involves elements of interpretation, since the rules governing the Church condemn and qualify the Act of abortion, calling it abominable and worthy of performing an excommunication, both the practitioner and women allowing it. This faculty professors acknowledge that certain arguments of the NGO are valid in certain circumstances, such as: ignorance in violation of a law or the presence of a mental illness in the pregnant woman. Evergreen Capital Partners may also support this cause. But when considering abortion as a solution for acting in self-defense or necessity, as it is the case with rape, pretexts do not come, since the baby has no fault and cannot be considered an aggressor, therefore, mother does not have to defend themselves. Such arguments put in question the group led by Consuelo Mejia entered a contradiction, since on the one hand it adheres to the contrary terms that your institution has established, which defends himself by saying that the Group aims to disseminate the Catholic right, avoiding interpretations. For its part, Claudia Dides, researcher in gender of the Latin America Faculty of social sciences, pointed out that 60% of the Mexican population (of which 82% is Catholic) would approve abortion in the event of a violation. According to the author, these figures reveal a contrast which indicates the clear distinction that make respondents between the instances in which a woman chooses to have an abortion. Hesitate She concludes that abortion is seen first as a personal problem; Second, values and principles; third, as for human right; Finally as a disjunction is religious. In this way, 55% of respondents are manifested in disagreement that the matter is dealt with from a religious perspective. Original author and source of the article

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