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You no longer exercising his profession due to illness or accident, the disability insurance pays a monthly pension. Are trainees at an advantage: because they are still young, they passed the health examination usually without major problems, and can complete the disability insurance at a competitive rate. But insurers offer maximum trainee occupational disability insurance up to the amount of current income. At the conclusion, it is therefore very important to choose a contract with insurance option. Thus, the initially relatively low agreed pension may be increased later without re-examination of health. No “specific reference” should appear in the agreement.

Hereby, the insurer reserves the right to refer the policyholder in the event of occupational disability to other professions or reasonable activities. Retirement plans: professional being dough bonus for Riester-savers of the so called “professional being dough bonus” is granted once at the conclusion of the Riester pension, if savers at the time of the conclusion has not yet reached the age of 25. In July 2008, the Federal Government has introduced the subsidy savings incentive for young people. The premium of 200 euros is granted with the request to the regular State allowance from 154 euros. He must be requested so not extra.

The “professional being dough bonus” together with the State basic allowance to the Riester contract of saver will be transferred in the following year. These insurances need only rarely useful trainees usually is not a furniture -, accident – or legal expenses insurance for trainees. Who pulls in your own four walls, can think about an own home insurance. Before you should consider but thoroughly, how much their own ownership is worth and whether the household insurance makes sense. Accident insurance is only useful if you exercise, for example, a dangerous sport. On the way to work, it is covered by the statutory accident insurance. For trainees, the risk of a dispute is very low. Therefore advises insurance is not necessary. Apprentices earn money (yet). Therefore in principle: a hedge against such dangers is advisable for young people that would threaten him or others. Who must make sure should get absolutely different offers before conclusion of the contract. For your money, you get the best performance if you are informed. Because: The price differences of the insurer are significant. The current Advisor to the topic ‘Tips for trainees’ consumers find online under: Alexander Borais

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