Anastacia Invents New

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Anastacia is hardly to recognize the usual wicked eye shadow and tinted glasses. The dresses are elegant and the shorter blonde hair is more classic than wild. Compared to earlier: good. I have found to myself. I’m more mature and stand by them, to be 40, tells the singer in an interview with the Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa. By the summer of 2008 the Petite Chicago had cheated always five years younger himself. The musician starts their Germany tour in Baden-Baden on Tuesday (June 16). She subsided to a new record label and a new management.

The artist Anastacia has reinvented itself. One has shown contradict it you like Madonna. It is not easy but apparently: Anastacia’s new album “Heavy Rotation” not so struck as hoped. The first single “I Can Feel You landed on the charts to no. 25. The second single in this country (“defeat”) was announced on Anastacia of official German homepage for early April. Last one was at their record company Universal in Berlin, only digital to release “Defeat”.

I have a feeling that my record label maybe has selected songs represent not the album and also are not what my fans I expect, says Anastacia. Also their s.Oliver fashion line no longer has the 40-year-old. Wishing that my name for quite a few, just for this but very exclusive, expensive pieces is, but I didn’t mean it, said Anastacia. “It was important that my fans can afford my clothes for me. Nevertheless, I want to not miss work for s.Oliver, I enormously learned much about fashion. Recent breast cancer 2003 can no longer go to the self-selected fighter by small setbacks. With anticipation Anastacia Lyn Newkirk looks, so her full name, on their upcoming tour of Germany: it is a very intimate tour, the halls are smaller than on my last tour four years ago. I will close my fans enjoy. Intimate that the concerts but by no means would quiet. She was always a “loud girl, depicts Anastacia and laughs while loud and dark. What else awaits their followers? A mix of old and new songs, for each will be something like a best-of-show. Anastacia promises also, her former trademark – the tinted glasses – to use every now and then during the performances. The oblique is that the fans then loudest, when I’m wearing the glasses. As if they had the correct Anastacia is only then. Four years ago, the former probably the most prominent convinced glasses wearer had the eyes let lasers. So often, their questions be asked about the whereabouts of the glasses, so often Anastacia must provide information on the subject of young. Finally she celebrated the second anniversary Newton in April with her ex-bodyguard Wayne. No, I want no children, she says. Her husband had two children from a previous relationship. She even have a godson. And. for that my career has been very much me. You can’t have everything. Since The little lady with the big voice 2000 with “I’m Outta Love international breakthrough was, she sold more than 17 million albums alone in Europe and Australia. Anastacia once wrote to her music style with Sanane, a mixture of soul, pop and rock. Now – with 40 new look – she seems still looking for the right music and the right audience. MusikNews 16.06.2009 Baden-Baden Festspielhaus 18.06.2009 Hamburg Stadtpark 19.06.2009 Dusseldorf Phillips Hall June 21, 2009 Frankfurt Alte Oper 22.06.2009 Munich Philharmonic

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