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If not otherwise prescribed by doctor, pharmacist or leaflet, eye drops should be applied in the following manner: if not otherwise prescribed by doctor, pharmacist or leaflet, eye drops should be applied in the following way: first you wash your hands. Hygiene is paramount, because the diseased eye is particularly susceptible to bacteria, viruses and fungi. Then, sit or stand in front of a mirror. Now you open the bottle. Tilt the head back, and pull down the lower eyelid.

Hold the dropper over the eye. Gently pull on the lower eyelid. Press a drops in the Pocket so educated. Try not your eyes with the pipette tip, to touch other lashes or something. Let the eyelid go and keep your eyes after applying the eye drops for as long as possible closed. Wipe off liquid, which runs on the cheek with a handkerchief. Repeat it with the other eye, if the drops for both eyes were prescribed. If two different types of eye drops are used at the same time, wait at least five minutes before they give the second drops in the eye.

This allows the first drop, to set in the eye, so that they are washed out by the second. Some more advice on eye drops: eye drops are sterile before opening the bottle (that is, free of bacteria). Keep the open bottle closed in a cool, dark place on, unless otherwise prescribed. Let not the eye, fingers, or any other object touch the pipette. How to keep germs the pipette and the eye drops. Let anyone else use your eye drops, and use not the eye drops from someone else. Throw away the bottle after the recommended time (often four weeks after opening the bottle), and get a new. Otherwise, there is the danger that multiply germs in the drops. Write the date that you have opened the bottle, on the label on, so that you know when It is time to throw them away. Wear no contact lenses if you take eye drops, unless it, the doctor advises you to do so. Some medications and preservatives in eye drops can accumulate in soft contact lenses and do damage. Some eye drops can stand for a short time in the eye or irritate the eye. Rarely, some people are allergic to some eye drops. Eye problems get worse after taking eye drops, notify your doctor. You can have a taste of eye drops in the mouth, or a feeling that the drops run down your throat. This is normal, because the tear duct, which lets the tears into the nose, some eye drops with flowing off. Keep the eye drops out of the reach of children.

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