Argentine Troubadour

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Facundo Cabral was shot multiple times on his way to the airport. He offered two concerts in the Central American country and returned to Argentina. He is the author of the famous song I’m not from here, nor am I there, among many others. The Argentine singer-songwriter Facundo Cabral was assassinated by a group of gunmen in the capital of Guatemala, when he went with his representative to La Aurora international airport from the hotel where he was staying. The spokesman for the Guatemalan presidency, Ronaldo Robles, said that Cabral, of 74 years and who was in Guatemala since a week ago, died as a result of multiple shots and that members of his security could not repel the attack. It was a direct attack against her perpetrated by hired assassins who used assault rifles, said Robles. The official said that the Guatemalan President, alvaro Colom, this dismayed by this cowardly fact, and ensured that three specialized teams of investigators have been assigned to work on the clarification of the murder of singer-songwriter and poet.

The attack was also wounded the representative of the singer, Henry Farina, who is torn between the life and death entered in a care center in Guatemala City. Local media cited eyewitnesses of the attack say the gunmen were in two vehicles of recent model, and that the members of the safety equipment of the singer faced shots with these when they tried to stop them. The vehicle which was traveling the Argentine Troubadour was parked at the entrance to a fire station, where the driver went in search of help. Facundo Cabral, who started her career at the age of eight, was born in the city of La Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires, argentina, on 22 May 1937. The author of the world famous song I’m not from here, nor am I there, among other dozens of compositions, in his last and fatal trip to Guatemala gave two concerts in which was applauded by hundreds of supporters, one in the capital and the last, the on Friday night, in the city of Quetzaltenango, to the West of the country. Source of the news: a few Hitmen gunned down the Argentine singer-songwriter Facundo Cabral in Guatemala

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