Asia Domains

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Now, owners or agents of trademark rights can their”domain for the booming region Asia book leave. This applies to the brands that have been registered before the development and which are currently published and used in the first phase of the sunrise. Such evidence should not automatically be submitted, but to present on demand. This first phase extends only up to October 30, 2007. In the next phase, which lasts from November 13, 2007 to January 15, 2008, domains for the brands can be requested for one, which have been applied for before the 06.12.2006. “” On the other brand names in combination with protection classes can be, requested according to the Nice Classification so for example XYZ “or XYZ”. Evidence must be submitted upon request. Companies or organizations that have been on or before the 06.12.2006 in .asia country working, can apply for the name of your company or your organization as a domain.

This, however, evidence is mandatory. As one of DotAsia Organisation of accredited Registrar EuroDNS with AsiDNS offers a registration service for the Sunrise phase of .asia domains. The annual fee is 18 euros, the examination of the application during the Sunrise phase will cost 90 euro (plus sales tax) on the part of DotAsia. If the application is refused by DotAsia, this fee is not refundable”, said Frederick Schiwek, but EuroDNS will refund in this case the 18 euros of annual fee”. As another advantage, EuroDNS offers the free all registrant of a .asia domain, if this domain is still available. s-New-Chief-Executive-Officer’>Jeffrey Leiden offers on the topic.. Expected to be in February 2008 the Landrush phase will begin, in which the general public can register .asia domains. Should a domain name in one of the phases by multiple parties is applied for, the domain auction will be awarded and not according to the usual first-come, first-served ‘-principle. ” Only from the live phase, scheduled to begin in March 2008, the remaining domains are allocated to the party, the the registration request first provides.

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