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All of the above, naturally depend on certain nuances and shades of red. SILVER The person whose aura is predominantly silver, present a great capacity for creativity, who besides being shown longer ideal. It also has great mental power capacity, which combines with mysticism and spirituality, but not always harmonizes. people with the aura color silver, can be excellent writers of fantasy stories, although it is recommended that you know have your feet on the ground. When the silver color of the aura, is in the background, actually indicate a state of fantasy, where the subject observes his future from another reality. On the negative side of the silver aura, find a subject to life totally passive, relying on their dreams as unicaa outlet for real life problems. YELLOW Person of the aura which the predominant color is yellow, like the orange, has a great ability to socialize, surrendering completely to serve others. Stresses its great capacity for insight and innovation of ideas.

They need to be constantly in touch with other people. They are well trained to be excellent teachers or professors. If yellow is not the predominant, indicating that it is time to implement all ideas, as you can get the necessary attention. In contrast, the negative side, the yellow color indicates that the person can become a critic of himself and everything around him, coming to appear to others as a bitter person. GREEN a person whose predominant color is green aura, has a special charm, something that makes you feel close to others, commonly found in people who have this aura as the predominant color, a clear bias towards professions such as medicine or healing.

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