Baltic Sea Beach

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\”Stylish and cheap: everything about a successful business event at rent hot town, summer in the city\” when the Sun is shining and the warm air heats the cities, are the Germans in a party mood. Official site: Bausch & Lomb. Atmospheric summer events with customers, relaxed after heart’ or social barbecues with the colleagues now have their high season. The party cost tarnish not the sunny mood, there is all party ideas available at the world’s largest online marketplace for rentals. Fancier decoration about catering to the matching entertainment programme erento has the ultimate event-full facilities for rent. Rented summer night dreams, summer, Sun, Sunshine exactly the right conditions for a party. If only the trappings were not, because who has already enough chairs, tables and party decoration to the hand, spontaneously organize a barbecue with colleagues or a beach party for the whole company? The rental portal offers cheap alternatives to expensive shopping erento. Whether classic beer tent accessories,. comfortable sun loungers, stylish lounge furniture in various variants, or a practical sofa box for 89 euros a day here, everyone can find the appropriate party equipment.

For the Sommersause to be convivial, there is the appropriate bar with over 200 offers for every taste: the cocktail Bulli for rustic events, the motorcycle than bar rockin’ nights or the illuminated bar for colorful accents in the starry nights of party. In addition to exotic cocktails, the matching decoration provides summer feeling: Caribbean flair with a 100 Palm in the Office comes for less than 15 euros, inflatable light sculptures provide atmospheric lighting of the extra class and for little money trickling real Baltic Sea Beach through the toes of the party guests. A metal detector will help celebrate, lost wedding ring in the sand. Just under 20 euros fee the detector costs and has already at 90 percent of the tenants found the missing ring and thus marriage peace restored.

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