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Premiere: New based Arbeitskreis wood-fired power generation is exhibiting at the RENEXPO 2011 for the first time to the public of AUGSBURG. The wood-fired power generation working group was founded in Augsburg on Thursday. The Working Group seeks the topic more clearly to make wood-fired power generation in the public eye. It is a very important issue, which is still underexposed”, underlines Thomas Bleul, the initiator and new Chairman of the Working Party, as well as Managing Director of tensioner RE2 GmbH. The Working Group is joined with the aim to promote the industry in the public. The technologies have evolved to the wood-fired power generation in recent years on a high technological level.

Goal is to publicize the successes of the last few years and the benefits of the energy carrier “, says Thomas Bleul. Because biomass is already stored energy and could be thus creating demand, in contrast to Sun and wind.” In addition, it is also important to initiate a transfer of knowledge in the industry and regulatory Requests to publish. For that, the Working Group is an important platform. More than 50 percent of the market companion are already represented. The UmweltCluster Bayern e.V. has launched already several working groups in the field of renewable energies, with a technological focus in life. The theme of wood gasification /-verstromung not present remains enough in the renewable energy Act (EEG)”, complained Wang, Managing Director of the UmweltCluster Bayern e.V.

Manuela. However, the bad reputation of the industry is technologically outdated. Especially in Bavaria, this topic will play an important role, 90 percent of the companies had their seat here. In addition to the Umweltcluster Bayern, also the Fordergesellschaft renewable energies e.V. (FEE) supports the new working group. It aims to form a nationwide initiative beyond the borders of Bavaria also. The REECO GmbH will also support the Working Group in the future and offer him a platform with your trade fairs and congresses, such as for example, in September the RENEXPO in Augsburg. The Organizer REECO GmbH is a pioneer in the field of wood gasification. For several years, the industry on the RENEXPO in the context of IHE presents HolzEnergie. This is one the largest platform of industry in this area. It is important to ensure optimal conditions for the Exchange within the industry to us”Elisabetta Alberti, project manager of the Organizer REECO GmbH, says also we want to act as a mediator and with our events as a major provider of input.” Wood gasification, in addition to the successful seven years Symposium smaller and medium-sized”offers HolzEnergie the IHE for the first time a joint stand of wood gasification, with a communication space for exhibitors, visitors and Congress participants. That have become by now traditional lunch and the get-together with the Congress participants at the booth provides for the appropriate platform and space for networking. The newly formed working group of wood-fired power generation held his network meeting on 12th RENEXPO and turns for the first time the general public before. The gasification industry Forum offers a meeting place of the industry at the fair to discuss developments, problems, news and trends and to inform.

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