Child Dentist

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Well, of course, check-ups will not give parents inadvertently start the process of a tooth is so banal, that need to be worn around the city on Saturday night, look for children's dental clinic duty and to persuade the sleepy and the evil doctor 'to remove baby tooth does not hurt. " Any disease is much nicer and cheaper to prevent than to cure. I hope that it does not need anything else to talk about the benefits of preventive medical examinations for children's dentist and orthodontist. If someone I still not convinced, then just give you an example, as is done in a slightly more civilized countries. Compare and apply to our conditions. – In the west of child dental examination performed on day 3 after birth child still in the nursing home. Also, the attention of the mother is a list of dentists, neonatologists district to which it can ask for advice.

Admission is a dentist and a pediatrician. Mom gets a clear instructions for feeding the child and the scheme of visits to the clinic for dental examination of her child. The first reception in the 12 months of age and lasts no longer than 10 minutes in subdued light under quiet music. The child does not remembers the first visit to the dentist. Before the second visit to the parents sent a letter to certain content with clear instructions how to conduct interviews with the child, as well as a questionnaire, adapted for age Child. Questionnaire is returned to the clinic by fax or electronically. The doctor, by analyzing the answers, invites parents to talk (without children), and then together. Child's age is 1,5-2 years at the time of his second visit a dentist, then consult a dentist neonatologist is not required.

In the future scheme of visits are made taking into account the pathology of the teeth, if it exists. Frequency of visits to the dentist children is 6 months. and sometimes 2 months. Here is a Wild West, gentlemen!

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