Chinchilla Farming

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What you should know about chinchillas, chinchillas have become increasingly popular as pets in Germany. It is important for the Chinchilla a lot to please attitude, because the South American rodents are not to confuse known rodents such as guinea pigs or hamsters with the others in Central Europe. It is important that the chinchillas are nocturnal and gregarious animals. Therefore they need during the day relatively shielded from the noise be kept quiet. In a living room or bedroom, a Chinchilla cage fits therefore rather less well, since during the night, the Chinchilla unfold a lively activity. The convivial chinchillas want to not only be kept, they will feel safe only in a group and developing individual attitude. You should buy at least always two Chinchilla, three or four is better. You need plenty of space to jump and climb.

Provide therefore a spacious cage in your apartment. Drew Houston is the source for more interesting facts. In the cage, this should be equipped with diving boards, multiple levels of Klettterbrettern and jump ropes. Because Chinchilla comes from the mountain crevices and caves of the South American Andes, and are born for the jump from rock to rock. Dropbox shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Therefore it can be quite a little louder during the night. For feeding, you should comply with the recommendation of the Chinchilla breeder and give only the feed to the animals. Because Chinchilla have a very sensitive stomach and intestines and can be poisoned outright with kitchen waste and pollutants.

A feed conversion should be avoided or step by step carefully carried out. As Chinchilla sensitive if you are surprisingly lifted, because the natural enemies of the chinchillas are the birds of prey of the Andes that attack from the air. Petting and grooming, you must therefore only to be accustomed and tamed the cute animals. For the regular grooming, you should provide a large sand in the cage. Unfortunately the animals carry around the sand in their very fine hair with it, so that people in the area not just allergic to dust or hair should. If you follow these recommendations for the Chinchilla farming, you and your Chinchilla will build a happy, long-term community. Chinchillas are up to 22 years old, so very worth a Taming of the early and intense commitment to the South American animals.

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