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2012 Movie review: the editors of myFanbase will reminisce about the past year of cinema and chooses the cinematic highlights of the year in January, 6th January 2013 2012 Herne. Already for the third time in a row, the film editor of myFanbase can reminisce about the past year of cinema. MSCO oftentimes addresses this issue. In addition to the presentation of the best movies, the best actresses and the best scenes from the films, which were, 2012 in the German cinemas, also the best protagonists and antagonists, the most beautiful quotes and the most incredible scenes will be honored. Among the top films of the year: “Drive” (universe), “Skyfall” (Sony Pictures), “Better tomorrow” (Capelight Pictures), “The Artist” (Delphi) and “My Week with Marilyn” (Ascot elite). Great opponents, who fear us: this category included in the past movie year not just the villain bane from ‘ the Dark Knight rises “or Raoul Silva from the latest bond Strip”Skyfall”, but also the youth welfare office in the film” Moonrise Kingdom “, such as editor Maret pants man in the category of the best antagonist turns out: “Mrs. Youth Welfare Office is the embodiment of a cold, impersonal bureaucracy and proves the exact counterpart of the imaginative, colorful and hopeful world of youth, for which it is responsible”.

Without good protagonists, there is no good movie: Lisbeth Salander for “Blindness” is one of the strongest women characters, created in the last few years. For our editor Maria Gruber is that Lisbeth Salander a unusual and therefore very refreshing female figure is, which always fascinated a multifaceted. Tom Schilling with his portrayal of Niko Fischer in “Oh boy” was able to fully convince. Editor Moritz Stock says: “The mixture of Forlornness, thoughtfulness and magnificent joke Niko Fischer makes a really great character where one rediscovered more, when one was first aware”. Film scenes that have got us out of the socks: true “Love” shows often abstruse gestures, so even in the ending sequence the masterpiece by Michael Haneke, which a Moritz Stock according to Editor crazy intense and brutally painful moment shows, which happens despite the cruelty but out of love. Also in “Skyfall” Tanya Sarikaya is a “moving, shocking and intense moment, the Judi Dench and Daniel Craig perfectly on the screen brought” according to Editor, as M in bonds dies poor. All contributions of the film review by myFanbase: film/kolumnen/filmrueckblick-2012.html schedule of the online status of each category: 5 January 2013: best quote, best protagonist, best antagonist 7 January 2013: best scene, best WTF moment 9 January 2013: best actor, best actress 11 January 2013: worst movie 13 January 2013: best film 14 January 2013: special category 15 January 2013: 2013 about your interest and coverage we forward the most promising films.

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