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Experts CM Capital Markets experts emphasized that, although the movements of the ECB are not accredited and the stage background on Greece is kept, simple rumors have served to encourage markets. They also pointed out that has sat investors well the commitment of Italy adopted the plan of budgetary adjustment of about 48,000 million euros as a very late Sunday. Analysts agreed, however, on the importance of the extraordinary Summit of the Eurogroup which intends to convene next Friday for the President of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy, aiming to calm speculative tensions that are suffering from several countries in the eurozone debt markets. That meeting, which would be for concerted positions on the Greece rescue plan, is in the air by the reluctance of countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. Risk premium Italian at European level, the risk premium on Italy also experienced a substantial drop, closing at 285 points Basic after after spraying their maximum daily since the euro was created during the morning. And this despite the bad results of the auction of debt that held the Italian Treasury, which although it managed to place the 6,750 million euros that was intended, had to climb a 70% offered profitability. Other peripheral countries also managed to reduce differentials with Germany, until 926 basis points in the case of Portugal, which was the country that managed to lower the profitability of its debt to 10 years (from 12.9% to 11.9%). In the case of Greece, the risk premium shook up to 1358 basis points, while Ireland was the only peripheral country that suffered an increase, up 1,036 basis points. Source of the news: markets give a truce to Spanish debt and its risk premium relaxes to 314 points

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