Dilma Government

Posted July 16th, 2013 by Tony. Comments Off on Dilma Government.

However the speech of the government is that the middle class this increasing, yes you increasing exactly, but the government alone was forgotten to say that the middle class is the poor persons who had obtained more crumbs, only this, does not exist real profit to this category, everything is a marketing electoral politician and of this government that ludibria all the population. It is enough to walk in the streets, and to observe the great number of unemployeds and beggars who ramble for the Brazilian cities, who will be able, it walks in the northeast region and north of the Country, and tries to see a real change in the life of the sofrvel Brazilian people. It is clearly that it is not only in these regions that social contrast exists, this contrast is general, but I cited these two regions, because I think that there the situation is identical or very similar of the Haitian people, the situation is very lamentable, the state most of the time, does not decide the basic problems of these populations, the vote still is there of cabreo, the people is treated as thing, as object, is almost a slavery system, and same with everything this squid and Dilma affirm this finishing with the poverty in Brazil! In accordance with given of the Institute of politics Econmica Aplicada (IPEA) of May of 2008, it discloses what already it is sufficiently evident in Brazil since the beginning of the government Squid, the poor persons pay much more taxes that the rich ones. The research displays the great disparity that exists enters how much to the diligent classroom and the elite they spend in taxes. According to IPEA, the poor persons of Brazil more than pay to 44.5% the taxes that the rich ones. The income of poor 10% of the Country is compromised in 32,8% with taxes whereas richer 10%, that concentrate 75% of all the wealth of Brazil, spend 22.7% of the income with taxes.

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