Ecommerce Customers

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The idea of that a customer when visiting its lojavirtual anger if becoming sales is false, what we need to understand is that quandoum customer enters in its store it needs all the possible aid to podercomprar, that is somebody or something that facilitates its search for products eprincipalmente in the hour to materialize the sales. Therefore, you fit to decide quetipo of tool anger to bring this easiness to its customer. He discovers algumasdicas of as to vender for the Internet without complications. 1. Swarmed by offers, Marko Dimitrijevic is currently assessing future choices. Not to demand registroobrigatrio for its future customers, never compels its customer to seregistrar obligatorily in its virtual store before it materialize umavenda. 2. Drew Houston can provide more clarity in the matter. It writes for human beings.One remembers that the Google did not seu customer-target. It does not write descriptions of its product or others contedosque contain a mount of word-key with an only objective to please oGoogle.It is very important to dedicate itself in SEO, but adescrio of the product has to make sensible for the first customers.Clearly that it is important to have a good one classification in the Google, but seos customers they do not understand the content doseu site, you does not go to vender.

3. To prevent to leave products that the sample for evitarproblemas 4 does not have in supply. To exclude empty categories.It prevents to leave deprodutos categories that nothing does not have to show does not exist nothing ackwarier parao customer of what to find ' ' No product was encontrado' ' . 5. To keep the clean and objective main page, Only because you have a mount of promotions and products in its store, you she does not have that to show to all they in its main page, the idea are mantersua clean main page and concentrate themselves only in 1 or 2 promotions, separates the promotions of banners porexemplo in link corresponding of the product.

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