Electronic Mail

Posted May 12th, 2019 by Tony. Comments Off on Electronic Mail.

I have commented already in some occasion that in many cases takes place a deficient understanding of the message which we try to transmit, by diverse reasons, that in some cases they will be attributable same, in others to our interlocutor, and sometimes it can be that the means through what the message is transmitted it is adapted. Josep Julian, in his blog the intelligence of the emotions, exemplified the other day wonderfully. He received a long time ago a warning to contact with a person, but to the telephone to which supposedly it was necessary to call it he needed a number; next an electronic mail on which the person insisted on the contact, but without identifying itself arrived to him. It responded to the mail, but did not obtain answer the rest of history, better to read it in its page! , but the case is that in the successive stages, the communication was deficient, incomplete, unidirectional. In the work we are in a permanent contact with the others: companions, heads, clients, suppliers communicate with us, and often misunderstandings take place. A very useful tool, but that can be source from conflicts, is the electronic mail.

I would define as great user of this application, not only by the number of post office that shipment or receipt habitually, but because seems to me very useful like productivity tool. On the contrary that the telephone, is noninvasive means, in the sense that normally it does not require an immediate answer on the part of the interlocutor, unless something with urgency is asked for. Nevertheless, the telephone is a constant source of interruptions: calls X to you? You can be put? He will only be a little while Oye, calls to you and urgently, you the step Consequently already is lost the concentration that sometimes is required for certain questions.

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