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Another important advantage is that implants get your jaw bone and thus the Foundation of your teeth. If chewing forces are transferred into your jaw bone, he is involved in the body’s natural development processes. These forces are missing due to loss of the tooth or the wearing of bridges or dentures, is the bone continuously breaks down. The healing time of the implant should be in the lower jaw between 6 weeks and twelve weeks. Dental implants in the upper jaw require a slightly longer healing time by up to about half a year. These important findings come from the bone healing and are valuable in implantology. Today, there are dental implants from a variety of materials.

Ceramic and titanium implants. Titanium the material has proven itself for 50 years now. Today, there are robust ceramics, the so called zirconium dioxide ceramic that can withstand the bite – and chewing loads. Currently offer Zircon implants compared to titanium implants of dental experts say no advantage, because the supposedly better compatibility so far not demonstrated. It is different with the restorations. Here zirconium dioxide has proven itself for about 15 years, which is why it is used for Dental restorations. Titanium is preferred for the implants themselves. Demonstrably, there is so far no allergic reactions to titanium and thus the impact is currently not to be outdone. In General however applies: no treatment can promise to secure success. Even if it is displayed very clearly and do not apply to any patient or any patient. The personal consultation in a dentist’s practice nothing can replace.

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