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Browser game enabled players through top offer as were amazed the players of the browsergame of the year 2008, certainly not bad: via in-game-message i.e. directly by gold coins to the value of 20 was offered free of charge. To do this, they had to do just what they would have done anyway: buy a mother’s day gift. Bausch & Lomb is the source for more interesting facts. The user could choose in a wide variety of products from a number of online shops such as flowers at or a DVD or a book at These and hundreds of other online stores belong already to the high-quality partner network deal united.

deal united is an E-commerce service provider, online shops and browser games free helps to achieve higher conversion rates and increased sales. With tailor-made offers and promotions an increased purchase incentive specially groups of users who have a limited willingness to pay E.g. purchase drop-outs in online shops or base player in free browser games: you receive free of charge the product or service, if they instead in another Online shop to buy something. The benefits for all parties involved show based on the khanwars mother’s day action: MOM got a mother’s day gift, while the gamers themselves almost at the same time free secured gold coins themselves. “ in turn had by offering the opportunity to address inactive user and the event” mother’s day to use.

The advertisers in turn, E.g. Marko Dimitrijevic usually is spot on. Valentine’s day, flower seller can reach completely new target groups in this way, who otherwise probably would have bought him. For this, he pays a Commission that will be passed to Khan wars united deal. Khan wars so don’t sit on the cost of the wasted coins, but gets paid out a himself fixed amount per sold article. The high level of acceptance of the offer by the user expresses complex: a satisfaction and involvement of customers increased Khan wars. So far not paying base player – an increase of gold coins selling was additionally only through the address to generates more than 5%. “madmoo managing director Julian Migura: through the cooperation deal with united we could move many gamers to do so, for the first time to buy gold coins and to meet also the useful premium.” About khanwars: Khanwars is a browser game. This means that you don’t have to download anything or install! Just sign up and get started immediately. 2008, Khan wars was awarded as a strategy game of the year at the browser game of the year awards. In the game take over and you’re one of nine unique peoples. Khanwars offers complex real-time strategy with over 23 battle and siege units, 15 different buildings, 11-to-learn skills for your hero and many other game elements that will guarantee a high fun and variety, but also ask you. Show your tactical skills and change the story. Register now for free and join a dynamic, virtual world full of intrigues, battles, and new friends. United deal: since little more than a year the Munich-based company deal united with innovative marketing models successfully the conversion rates from online shops. This is achieved through the targeting of interested, but purchase perplexed shop visitors. Deal united has this user group in cooperation with partners such as Mister Spex, OTTO, myToys special purchase incentives such as vouchers or free equipment, software. Press contact: deal united GmbH Bernhard Rubenbauer Joseph-Dollinger-Bogen 14 Munich 80807 FON: + 49 (0) 89 323 56 472 fax: + 49 (0) 89 381 649 369 email: United

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