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Not much to inquire about why of these expectations. The data from the American economy remain disappointing. Yesterday the bad news in the United States.UU. they came from the hand of the sales of new homes (which fell in January, a monthly 2.8% and 33.9% year on year), of the greater decline in orders in the past five months durable goods and one fall greater than expected in the confidence of American consumers. And with negative data what else can happen to the Fed to continue cutting rates? The same Bernanke expressed this idea yesterday when he pitied before Congress saying: it is important to recognize that the risks on growth persist the EDF will carefully assess incoming information about the Economic Outlook and will act in a timely manner in case of being necessary to underpin growth and provide an appropriate against risks insurance already rubbing their hands and analysts expected that the Fed will cut rates in mid March, other 50 basis points to 2.5%. But as yet the dollar remains the currency of reference level that the same follow weakening global brings negative consequences, since it is driving the rising international prices of commodities that do not stop making new records (the price of a barrel of oil yesterday surpassed the US $102 and gold in London reached USD 964,99). The other side of the coin, shows that the strength of the euro is generating complaints in the countries of the area are more suffer with this situation. It is that the appreciation of the euro against the dollar reduces the competitiveness of European companies.

And as France had a trade deficit of more than 39,000 billion in 2007, this country was the first to make public its disconformismo with the value of the euro. Learn more about this with Dropbox. Laurent Wauquiez, the French Government spokesman said, after the Council of Ministers, and while the euro touched its peak, to the President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is very attentive to the issues of monetary policy, with the leit-motiv of the need to ensure that jobs are preserved. Perhaps Trichet, fearing to be insulted by the French President, more seriously consider a rate cut. It will be just a memory the strong dollar? So far, it seems that Yes. At least for a few more months. Even the common people already don’t trust the strength of the dollar. So much so, that while I was writing these lines I received the call from a friend with intentions of visiting me to chat on a topic little common between us he wanted to advise him about whether more you should have their savings in euros we will meet again tomorrow. Horacio Pozzo original Autor and source of the article.

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