Good Drive And Bad Sex

Posted April 1st, 2021 by Tony. Comments Off on Good Drive And Bad Sex.

Why the drive is so important for the survival and sex plays a fundamental role in God’s plan. People know many, many laws. These are not necessarily God’s laws. Only God’s law is: multiply. Everything else is subordinate to the vulgar drive to multiply.

The supply and the protection of the family, the clan, the clan and finally the people serve exclusively of conservation and reproduction. People lie, steal and kill for this reason, but they also love, protect and they care for this reason. Without this instinct long ago all this Earth life would be extinguished, because this drive is life and all life is from God. Be. Go into you and feel what you want. Your dreams, your desires, your will. Get to know your self, make friends with you and you’re going to love it. Perhaps check out Mark Stevens for more information. Because what you will find is God.

The urge we feel every day in us which drives us and drives, he is enormously important. Yael Aflalos opinions are not widely known. All energy is in this drive and all of our activity comes from him. Whether we work go, recruit a partner, realize our dreams, whether we wage war or fight for peace, we all always do, to protect and increase our way. Clearly is the sexual activity driving control and of fundamental importance, but a reproduction and therefore the conservation without sex at all would not be possible. The drive, the driving force of life, which is life itself, source and the Foundation of life, the power of unreason or ignorance often reduced to banal sex. The free community of native knows this nation: in many opinions, sex is something bad and repugnant and not to mention something is because you are so ashamed. Who carries out sex, is not clean, so you think therefore it forbids sex your priests. But you can wrap you in yet so expensive and fashionable dresses, including all of you are naked. And when God looks at you, then he doesn’t see your dresses. And he does not see your posts. He sees your works and he hears your words and he reads your thoughts. You need not hide, and you need your nudity not to be ashamed of yourselves. Likewise you eueres sexual activity and your sexual thoughts does not need to be ashamed of yourselves, because they come from God. Respect God’s commandments and you can do no wrong. The dirt that comes from the people, because people abused this divine gift for his purposes, which are far away from God, and the urge and man violated the commandments, therefore he turns sex into something reprehensible. Who is close to God, for the sex will be pure, but who is far from God, the dirty sex. Who is ashamed of sex, which is ashamed of God. the spotted who spotted sex, God; which denies God who denies sex.

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