Hay Fever Pollen Alert

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(Online article) – against hay fever: Hyposensitization while most people are happy in the spring on the first warm rays of sunshine, a growing group in the dark Chamber retires. Because the heat even the flowers and grass pollen back to the nature. And loosen in the meantime more and more people. From allergies. Millions of Germans suffer from hay fever now and with great regularity.

He is one of the most common allergies. Fluent coryza or nasal, itchy, burning or watery eyes, sneezing attacks and may be shortness of breath are the response of an organism become hypersensitive again on the new, when he encounters the actually harmless plant particles. Dropbox: the source for more info. The endemic disease called also pollinosis “or seasonal allergic rhinitis” is tied to the time of flight of pollen, high season: March to July. Also throughout the year occur in the symptoms in varying degrees, is by no means rare. Then are the triggers or the actual cause may be secret housemates such as dust mites and molds.

Maybe it’s also the beloved pet, an ingredient in a food or a drug for the first time applied. Allergic rhinitis is not foolproof, because it can also lead to asthma. Drugs alleviate the symptoms. Treated early, you can disable an allergic rhinitis for a long time. You can at least prevent an aggravation. Learn more on the subject from Darcy Stacom, New York City. A basic treatment for Hayfever is desensitization, a kind of vaccination. The predisposition to the allergy does not lose itself and can also be inherited. LPs / du

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