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The company brings Weider krea-genic + PTK the summer hit 2010 to build muscle in the market. Krea-genic is a creatine supplement of company Weider global”nutrition. Main ingredient of krea-genic is creatine. Creatine is used in the sport for a long time. It supports and increases the performance of short time, increased the maximum output of the muscles and can extensivieren the stamina of an athlete.

Creatine is thus no longer imagine from competitive sports. Due to the importance of creatine for performance sports company Weider global nutrition “krea-genic developed. Weider krea-genic PTK is not only the name of the product, but also a form of creatine developed by the manufacturer. This form of creatine is composed of creatine and the newly developed Creatine monohydrate. The advantage of this composition is that the taken creatine almost completely into the muscles. This is because that krea-genic includes a double acid buffer. The first buffer prevents the excessive decomposition of creatine in the stomach, so that more creatine in the blood can get. This protects the stomach at the same time.

The newly developed and second buffer prevents a further reduction of the creatine during transport to the muscles in the blood. Krea-genic, achieved despite lower dosage, a higher degree of efficiency in the muscle, as little creatine on the way to the muscle cell is lost. The result is to prevent water splits, which itself can store in the subcutaneous tissue. The water that the creatine ingestion is attracted, is stored directly in the muscle and not on unwanted body parts. The muscles are bigger and tenser, which in turn the muscle growth is increased. Another additive, krea-genic includes a phase transfer catalyst which again supports the athlete’s endurance. The athletes can perform therefore longer and harder workouts. Post-workout Kre-genic effect further and reduce possible relaxation periods, increasing physical well-being after the training likewise. Krea-genic promotes through its manigfaltigen Innovations the triad of strength, growth and endurance, making krea-genic is ideal for the travelling.

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