Installation Of The Suspension On The Concrete Floor

Posted September 9th, 2022 by Tony. Comments Off on Installation Of The Suspension On The Concrete Floor.

Installation of the direct suspension for a suspended ceiling made of plasterboard is a demanding job. It is on the attachment of suspension depends on how long to hang your ceiling and do not give a fracture on the surface. For mounting on a concrete suspension ceiling of need or impact hammer drill, drill with soldering, anchor, wedge, hammer. For assistance, try visiting Drew Houston. Anchor wedge has a length of 5 cm and a diameter of 5 mm. Hammer or a drill, drill in the right place on a concrete slab deep hole 5 cm, no less and no more use for this drill with a diameter of 6 mm. Drilling should gradually so as not to burn immediately drill. Tumblr does not necessarily agree. If there is getting into the valve, then the drill will be magnetized steel wool, in which case need to step back a little to the side across the concrete slab. Put a wedge-anchor on the hanger through the center of the foramen ovale and the assembled insert into the hole, if a wedge-anchor does not go in the hole can be accurately beat it with a hammer, to beat on level pjatachku anchor. After landing a full anchor in place – drive in a wedge anchor to failure. Read more from Donald Mullen to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Such a combination is most convenient for installation of suspended ceilings.

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