Installment Loan

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A good credit vermiedet rates credit default risk to be able to afford a necessary purchase, or to an existing overdraft balance, taking out a loan from rates offered. An installment loan is a loan for private individuals and will be repaid in equal monthly instalments. The agreed interest rate is valid for the whole duration of the loan of rates. The credit amount for an installment loan is usually between 1,000 and 50,000 euro. The term can be up to 84 months. As with other loans also, the creditworthiness of the borrower at a rate credit plays an important role. When proper credit, many banks and lenders waive security services for the cover of the credit risk.

Here, usually just a wage and salary is agreed. In a less good credit rating of the Bank on the provision of securities can be. Lenders are naturally keen to keep their credit risk. When a possible loan default, the lender can access back to the collateral and its loan amount to get back through the recovery. One way of securing credit is the provision of a guarantee by a third party.

Here is however not alone sufficient willingness to guarantee, also here an appropriate creditworthiness of the guarantors must exist. A transfer of title of the vehicle is done for the installment loan as collateral in financing a vehicle purchase. The ownership of the vehicle goes over to the Bank, the borrower stays the owner of the vehicle and is granted the right of use of the vehicle. The credit will become distressed, means the borrower defaults on his obligations to the return of the loan, the lender on the vehicle can access and offset its receivables sale. After the proper repayment of the loan, the ownership of the vehicle again goes back to the borrower. Similarly, in financing within the framework of a leasing loan. A Installment loan is reported by the lender to the Schufa, the General credit protection, protection community. Before the credit decision, the banks and credit institutions in the Schufa requests for existing entries of the Kreditsuchenden and usually reject a loan application for negative entries. Other fees in addition to the interest on the loan. Usually, a processing fee is calculated, and for the payment of the loan amount already withheld.

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