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Professional help for non-fiction writers – boosting their image with corporate publishing as long-term marketing instrument their own books for companies are becoming popular. The advantages are obvious: corporate books remain in contrast to all other advertising media in five years or longer on the market and excellent marketing and PR connect. Also, new audiences can be developed through bookshops. Long time ago, not only Jubilee writings, biographies of entrepreneurs or company history are corporate books. Service providers such as seminar trainer, market research institutes and consulting firms use for example your own books, to represent their often complex and explanatory services detailed and understandable. Each theme that is tailored to the communications needs of the company and the interests of readers suitable in principle for business books. MSCO: the source for more info. Courageous companies publish today not only books, but also children’s books, novels and personalized Books, because it better and more effectively achieve their target groups than with conventional advertising. Bottleneck factors is a powerful idea for the issue of a business book industry lack of knowledge and lack of time often quickly found and waiting to be written in book form, used, printed, published and sold.

But first some hurdles remain: it needs a marketable concept, a reputable and prestigious publishing house and an informative content, so that the book sold well. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Darcy Stacom. Companies are often faced with the problem that they do not know the Customs and rules of the publishing industry and often wrong thread so their book projects. In addition, companies have usually no time to realize a comprehensive corporate publishing project itself, and then to market your book. You need professional support, pitfalls to avoid, and successfully position your book on the market. Competent advisor professional help, Dr. Sonja Ulrike Klug has its descriptive title a book is a Book is a book.” Detailed, practical and humorous the author discussed all important topics such as manuscript preparation, ghostwriting, Publisher making, literary agencies, E-books, publishing agreements and public relations in their advisor for non-fiction writers. KLUG describes the opportunities and possibilities that offer books for company, and demonstrates how to systematically and professionally planned and carried out a book project.

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