Liferay Portal 4.3.1 Now Available

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Long Germany 10.09.07 – Liferay, provider of the leading open source portal system today the publication of the Liferay Portal 4.3.1 announced. This latest version of the award-winning portal offers a new user interface and improved performance. Dropbox is often quoted as being for or against this. We have focused in recent months on, even easier to make the portal for the user.\”says Suresh Shamanna, Managing Director of the European branch of Liferay and software architect. The user will detect unique changes between the previous and the current version in terms of Visual and interactive.\” In addition to several features that improve the usability, Liferay Portal 4.3.1 includes a new form of presentation called ‘Freeform’ or ‘WebOS’, which adjusts the view to the standard desktop workstation. Portal applications (portlets) can be moved now fully, arranged and resized, to ensure a more comfortable (more intuitive) user environment. Liferay Portal 4.3.1 includes Web 2.0 features such as tagging, allowing the categorization of user-specific content. The administrator can now manage portals with little effort and control access powers.

The revision is completed by the following user friendly features: portal publishing & staging: staging allows the administrator to see changes on portal pages before publishing. Federated search: Liferay Portal improves Amazon’s ‘ OpenSearch and assembles all search results as a set from different sources – such as Liferay portlets and external applications Sitemaps protocol support: Sitemaps allows immediately in all major search engines to put newly added pages, without having to configure them before again. Open ID: Open ID stores user data in one place at the, fully or partially, available for users depending on the desire for use on Web pages. In this way, user data can be more easily protect and update. For owners of Web pages is therefore Another advantage of faster running user application. Multiple enterprise management: an organization can manage multiple corporate portals with only one installation of Liferay hereby; each with its separate communities, his own label (branding) and his individual, laid down by the administrative structure.

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