Magic And Tricks

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For a long time in history people, not to say that since the presence of the first man on Earth, has always thought about certain activities that go beyond the common possibilities that have all persons, is say the presence of supernatural abilities in certain people, and one of the activities that has been considered as a clear sign of capabilities that produce results without any scientific explanationIt is the magic that making use of spells of movements and phrases, accommodates events out of the ordinary, without however with regard to the magic, there is a medium that verify their accurate truthfulness, therefore is more considered as a technique of illusion and deception, relating to fantastic beings created from the imagination of the people. It is true that the magic there has been no scientific study confirming carried out activities that do not obey any law of nature, however many people have dedicated much of his life to what refers to the magic, therefore before the magic can be a study, at least in the points that have been developed and the contents of the alleged acts of magic. According to the above, to make mention of the magic, it is about art, knowledge and the diverse practices that if what you seek is to produce results that do not match any kind of law of nature, and thus your event would not have any explanation by scientific means. To do those occur results themselves of what would be the normal development of magic, must perform certain spells, whether words, movements, or applications to certain things as made it brews or to make Voodoo-, and thus would be what is magic. It is also very known that the intervention of fantastic beings that possess many more you apiades in the development of magic, required which moved to the invocation, being this another example of the magic. The magic would then be various beliefs of metaphysical manifestations, where the most important is one who performs magic, what you want is to show a force that exceeds the human capacities, which were shown with the presence of events that can change reality, not by causal means, to some extent, but as clear intervention of these supernatural and metaphysical forces. It is very common to hear talk of witchcraft instead of magic, since in a long time not used the term magic as such, which refers to the activity of the Magi, but de witchcraft, as samples of metaphysical forces witches performed. It must be borne in mind that for many of the ancient civilizations, many of the scientific knowledge that we have at present, represented in high technology devices, would represent samples of magic, since many of the things that the supposed wise men of such times sought to perform, are things that today they have very easily, so technology replaces the capabilities of the Magi. Original author and source of the article

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