Magic Exists !

Posted August 28th, 2016 by Tony. Comments Off on Magic Exists !.

My name is Elizabeth, I'm 34 years old. I like all the decent girls graduated from the institute, took a job specialty, due to my profession, I had to get second higher education. So quietly and passed the years, and When I woke, I realized that in addition to their work and positions – nothing. This was probably the hardest period of my life, I have no desire to do anything and even more so, to change something in their lives. My boss and a good friend in one person, seeing that from me no good no, it is strongly recommended that I go on vacation.

The truth they say that our destiny can affect an outsider and change it radically. So it happened. It happened in Sochi, where I went on vacation, and there I met a man in whom love so that it no longer represented him without his later life, and yet everything we live with him in the same city. It was the most a memorable period of my life. All the fears and depression vanished in an instant, I was flying as if on wings, but there it was After half a year, I began to notice his rejection of me and neglect, we are seeing less and less. That do, where to go, then I thought, but no idea never entered my mind. So I decided over the Internet to find such 'podrug in distress "because of the idea that you're not alone, it becomes warmer.

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