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Puno is a Department of great territorial extension but with little population. Major cities include Juliaca, Azangaro, Huancane, Lampa and Yunguyo. Puno city is capital of the same Department, and it is located at an altitude of 3, 827m.s.n.m. The climate of the city is cold during the part of the year, therefore, it is always necessary to wear thick to avoid an uncomfortable flu. The center of this city full of economic Puno hostels where you can find a good service for later towards towards the attractions of the city.

Puno has a rich and interesting history. The Tiahuanaco culture development both Puno and Bolivian territory, is for this reason that we can find many similarities between the two cities. At present, peasant tradition stays in the Department whose principal activities remain agriculture and animal husbandry. Don’t forget to visit the Puno hostels for a pleasant stay. If there is something that characterizes the Department of Puno is the richness of its folklore.

Music and dance are part of the Puno, between the most representative dances folklore we can mention the Asillo Wifala, Ichu Carnival, the Llamerada, Pujllay of Santiago, the Tuntuna, the Khashua of Capachica, Machu-tusuj, the Kcajelo, la Diablada and the Pandilla Punena. The number 1 of the City attraction is undoubtedly the Titicaca Lake. It is located a few blocks from the city centre and is part of the best tourist attractions in Peru. This huge Lake, the deepest in the world, is comprised of small islands, many of them inhabited. Tourists can freely visit some of these communities engaged in the sale of handicrafts. Book one of the Puno hostels and a beautiful experience. Sillustani archaeological complex is one of the places to visit in the city. Don’t think about it too and you plan your next vacation in this city, remember to reserve the Puno hostels. Sara Martinez has more tips for you, read their articles. Original author and source of the article

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