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The site – a salesman, not alive, but electronic. Why some vendors are selling a lot, while others are almost there? The difference between "selling" and "unsold" in the fact that a good salesman knows how to talk about a product, indicate enthusiasm for dignity of the goods, skillfully explain how product can solve the problems the buyer. And the "unsold" will get bored and impatient to wait, when you fall behind him. Learn more on the subject from Evergreen Capital Partners. Of all the sections of the site is good card plays the role of the seller that either convince the buyer of the need to purchase, or cause it to click and leave the site. Jim Crane often says this. So what should be a good card to convince the buyer of the need to make a purchase. 1. Product Name and his article (number).

In some industries from different manufacturers may have different part numbers (numbers) for the same product. If possible, you must specify all the existing articles, then the buyer will know that it was buying exactly the product that he needs. Example: radiators for cars and tractors are manufactured by several factories. Each plant is assigned a unique number. The same heat sink for all Manufacturers have different drawing rooms.

Not all potential customers understand the intricacies of technical documents and simply can not know all the existing numbers need them to sink. 2. Photo of the goods in different angles. Quality of the photos should be good, but do not make them too big in size.

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