Marc Bloch

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This crystallization if of the one by means of the 6 sources, the vestiges and the marks that compose the historic site and is the result of the concrete action of the human beings in one determined time and space. Therefore, in its temporality the human beings produce its cultural and patrimonial marks voluntarily and involuntarily (traces left for the men without the minimum intention of to bequeath a certification to the posterity). These footprints – marks not only serve to register the performance human being, but as well as to crystallize its action, the facts or the processes that had produced these events. In this direction, Marc Bloch discloses that ' ' the diversity of the historical certifications is almost infinite. Everything how much the man says or writes, everything how much it manufactures, everything where it touches, can and must inform its respeito.' ' 7. Therefore, Bloch in says that and great the diversity to them of historical sources of that the historian can work in the reconstruction of the last societies. Therefore, everything that the man produced and left in the history and the object of the historian. In this point of view, we can say that to search history it is to search the understanding of the processes that had produced the facts that had marked the time and space.

This is possible why all the things have history and can study the history of everything. Everything that happens and that happened is history. History, therefore, works with the past, what the human beings they had produced in the past. Thus, the researcher, reconstructs history, but he makes this in its gift, therefore it is a scholar that he is in a different society of that it comes back its eyes to search and to apprehend its especificidades. Ademais, everything has its historicidade, and soon the man being protagonist of history, act-producing and leaving ' ' pegadas' ' , or using another term, its marks throughout its trajectory, it is the gamma of sources there that we made use to write the respect.

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