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Would you like to be able to convert each presentation for a sale? Would not it be good to know the why behind each contract is not signed? To achieve these goals you have to turn your communications into a true systematic selling machine. Instead of throwing loose messages to the market, following our brain marketing guide, learn how to meet the 7 essential steps to close a sale. This marketing strategy is based on the work of be D Souza, world expert and author of the book The Brain Audit. Combined their psicotacticas with the techniques explained in the three brains, we can build a powerful marketing tool. This system is based on 8 essential steps: start with the problem. Don’t be a generalist. Focuses on towards a specific target audience.

It then raises the solution. It explains why. You dealt with the main objection. It has a success story and presents real testimonials. Investing risk. Do see your unique market value. Each communication (letter, advertisement, conversation, web page) should take their place in this chain.

If you not vences each of these obstacles, you not close the sale. It’s like picking up your bags at the airport. With pick up 3 of 4 will do? Or do you expect to have them all? Marketing successfully follows the same pattern. If you leave key points without reply in the brain of your customer, you will always find excuses to postpone the signing. However, if you learn to meet each of them so systematic, your conversion rate will go through the roof. To deepen this system read this article about brain marketing.

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