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Thus, we consider McDonalds. McDonalds is fast food around the world, their work is built on the lines of finished sample, that is, the company has a clear 'code of practice' with respect to all parts of the business. Really need only look at two different restaurant. They are identical. Brand building, clothing, color, expression, display the prices, even drawing on the floor in all McDonalds-s the same. What does this mean? And what does it do? Needed to the client, who came to McDonald's knew what to expect from this establishment, and that he would receive on your order.

After him in any McDonald's will give the same burgers, fries and so on. I think this is clear. In addition, this is a great business because everyone can open for their own money to McDonalds, and he will not have no problems, because the technique works perfected to the smallest detail. For example, French fries are put into the oven for exactly seven minutes, so it does not soften too much. Razmyakshy potatoes French fries are not a McDonalds-style. Hamburgers removed from the trays after exactly 10 minutes to keep them juicy. All of this suggests that any person can cope with such work, which is why Ray Kroc founder of McDonalds-and so carefully and carefully worked out the whole scheme work. And now we can see the result: in the face of fierce competition, when Kroc had long been dead, McDonald's has an annual turnover of 23 billion dollars, with more than 14,000 restaurants around the world. There is also a franchise brand, but I believe that he himself had already outlived its usefulness, because Now in every industry there is a whole mass of the advanced brands.

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