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Posted May 4th, 2022 by Tony. Comments Off on News On

On again there is lots of news: Specials: the hip hop open special is online! There you’ll find next to lots of photos, a summary of the video! Of the circle, about the Spezializtz, and Wu-Tang clan, are all there! Fanta 4 concert pics: we were guests on a concert of Fanta 4! We have taken lots of pictures for you and now online. The same applies to Boundzound! We were at the concert. You can expect lots of pictures from crazy camera settings. Exclusive:, Fanta 4: after the concert the boys were interviewed by us. You give some tips for your own career. In addition to the video interview, pictures, biography, and much more await you. Boundzound: (see Fanta 4).

After the concert, the frontman of Demba was interviewed hub (also frontman Fox) and has had a lot to tell. Check out the bio, pictures, etc. Fler: aggro Berlin on! On his exclusive page with clear announcement, there are pictures, video interview, bio, etc. MySpace: The MySpace page of grows and grows. You’ll find everything we’ve got on YouTube to post there. In addition to cool snippets of the interviews with Savas and Illmatic, you will find the popular trailer by clear announcement.

This is a compilation of various interviews, including DMX, Savas, Illmatic, curse, Moses P, Sam Ragga, beginner, etc. Furthermore there is our 2-piece of the hip to see hop open specials, including a slideshow. The friend list continues to grow steadily, thank you so much! The interest in clear announcement is getting bigger. Thank you for your interest in and announcement

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