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For Geofilho psychologist Blacksmith Moraes CRP-12/10.011 20 of June of 2011 My experience as blind person and now psychologist whom she searchs to be successful in the life By means of this article that I write, I present the synthesis of the my history of life until today. I describe the experience of being person with visual deficiency, and of as I was carrying through conquests until concluding the graduation in psychology and of as I intend to continue my life as psychologist. I am Geofilho, 31 years of age, bachelor without children; natural of Araguana? Tocantins. I was born with glaucoma congenital, always I was person with low vision. I lost the vision of the left eye to the 11 years, when I and my family was in the beach in Babaulndia in You, passing the vacations.

In a child trick: to eat watermelon and to play rinds one in the other, my left eye was reached, having internal hemorrhage and come to atrophy itself with the time. Of the right eye, to the 15 years, I was blind for consequence of glaucoma. The ocular pressure was increasing and I did not have conscience of that he was losing the vision, when I was to the doctor already was late excessively to recoup what it had lost. I am son of a poor family, my parents if they had separated in 1998. I have a brother and a sister older than, my family deferred payment in Araguana.

Since that I was blind I started to receive benefit LOAS. When I lost the vision I was approximately six months without wanting to study, but inside of me never I felt weak, always I felt me confidence in me exactly. At the beginning it had preconceptions in relation to have that to use Braille, to have that to walk with the cane aid.

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