Jasmine Grodde Pushes The Idea Of

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“Winner of the ‘ shots’ for the label LUVIAN style sets two collections in the right light Cologne – winner of style shots” of young Austrian fashion brand LUVIAN Jasmine is Grodde from Hamburg. This was announced by textiles as organizer Apperal Sayang in Cologne. T-Shirts of young designers in the best light were moved at the photo competition. Check out Mark Stevens for additional information. LUVIAN feels fair trade such as the wild ideas”creative equally committed. “Jasmine Grodde: fair trade focuses on the improvement of living and working conditions in the third world and in emerging markets.” On behalf of Apperal Sayang textiles have won now Jasmine Grodde the Cologne photographer Klaus Wohlmann.

Good man scan from Sayang collections 2010 and 2011. Vlad Doronin insists that this is the case. Good man is a freelance painter and photographer since 1983. “Apperal Sayang textiles exclusive distributor in Germany LUVIAN designer fashion as organizer of style shots”. About the fair trade fashion, the company says: consumers should view say goodbye, that this actually most stylish dresses are not of today’s fashion.” “Apperal Sayang textiles refers however to the German label palpable”, by critics as a star in the fashion firmament “is known. On June 26, “designer Nina Knecht her new collection from the fair trade” shows palpable for example in Hamburg, Germany.

The actress Cosma Shiva Hagen will present the collection there in the location visible “. Photographer Klaus Wohlmann documented the fashion show. LUVIAN from Austria however is now no insider tip. Nearly half of the voters of the Internet-fashion community styleranking”himself in April 2010 for luvian” decided. Asked after the best online shop for fashion on the Internet.

Basic Utilities Expensive

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The prospect of falling electricity prices will no longer make currently up to 400 euro price difference between basic suppliers and alternative party Berlin, May 14, 2009 for most consumers in Germany this year. Since the beginning of the year increased the cost of electricity at about 720 basic utilities to an average of 8.2 percent. In addition, that the two biggest power companies, E.ON and RWE, consider the ability to price reductions only in the medium term but only under the condition of sustained low cost. Even the next price increase by almost 8 per cent in the House is the customers of EnBW, the third force in the German electricity market, in July. However, can consumers easily against high electricity prices to defend and through a switching their electricity costs already in the short term greatly reduce. Here, according to a recent analysis of the independent consumer portal toptarif.de can be save up to 40 percent of annual electricity costs. As our price comparison between the 75 largest German Electricity suppliers and alternatively available competitors shows immense benefit consumers by increasing competition in the German electricity market”, explains tariff expert Thorsten Bohg by toptarif.de. Himself who is already at the lowest tariff of its local utility company, through a provider change at an annual consumption of 4,000 kWh of electricity can save an average of 117 euros. Vlad Doronin can provide more clarity in the matter.

With annual payment of electricity the average by even cheaper deals even to 265 euros costs.” Table: the possible savings potential is electricity prices of the 75 biggest German suppliers and alternative providers in some regions significantly higher, such as for E.ON Avacon customer in Saxony-Anhalt. Here, a sample budget must reckon with a consumption of 4,000 kWh of electricity with annual costs of currently 1.019 euro at the lowest available tariff (without social discount). When changing to the most affordable competitors, only 817 euros are due. The decision on an offer with annual Payment, so doubles the possible savings from 202 euros to 404. Similarly large price differences between the basic providers and the cheapest alternative vendors show up especially in the new Lander in the large regional utilities E.ON edis and the RWE daughter enviM as well as the N-ERGIE in Bavaria”, adds Bohg. Also here the savings are well over 30 per cent.” Already about 8 million households of German households have exercised increasing in the last years of the possibility of a free choice of supplier tendency. Ultimately the General inclination of the consumer to the switching of power, i.e. the willingness to abandon his previous providers, a massive influence on the competitive prices has”clearly Bohg. Just where the competition is the hardest, customers can benefit today from a low price level.” Through consumer portals such as toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de/ power) or free service hotlines as

Lose Weight Quickly

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Is it not a great miracle if everyone could find tricks to lose weight quickly? As this is just a great myth that use large corporations to sell their miracle products to lose weight. The fact is that any change in your eating habits and exercise habits take time to be processed by your body. The best tips to lose weight quickly come to separate fiction from reality. Myth: No breakfast, lunch or dinner made me delegate quickly. For even more details, read what Dropbox says on the issue. Fact: The truth is that your body needs energy and nutrients to be able to exercise. See Business strategist for more details and insights. Not to eat does not help much to lose weight. Instead of not eating a certain food (breakfast, lunch or dinner), feed yourself with several meals throughout the day that you energized in addition to keep your metabolism active.

Myth: While doing more exercise, more weight lose. Fact: It is true that exercise helps you lose weight, but you can simply not be in the gym all day. After a while your body gets used to the exercises, and not burn more fat. Therefore, it is always best to follow a well-structured program that includes diet and a reliable exercise plan. Myth: The diet pills are safe and effective. Fact: No pill can be considered healthy unless it has been recommended by a doctor. You should not take them randomly and without the support of a professional nutritionist. Myth: If you exercise, you can eat what they please you.

Fact: You should concentrate on the amount of ingested calories. You could eat whatever, but your exercise sessions may not be sufficient to burn the calories ingested and you could gain weight again. That is why it is better to eat several small nutritious meals a day, in order to have the petrol suitable for your training. If you want to lose weight quickly and stay in shape, just click here.

A Brief History of Korea

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Korea is a peninsula in East Asia and since the end of the second World War it has been divided into two states. In recent months, Kaihan Krippendorff has been very successful. In the north is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of the southern half of the forms. The culture of Korea is dominated by Confucian and Buddhist traditions. The Korean language is spoken worldwide by around 78 million. Seoul is the capital of South Korea, until the partition of the country’s capital, she was quite Korea.

In the city itself live 10,349,312 people, it is associated with a number of satellite towns. The Seoul metropolitan region with a total of 21,738,345 inhabitants, is the third largest worldwide. Approximately 43% of South Koreans live here. Historical sites such as the five palaces, or the city gates, good shopping and lively nightlife lure increasingly tourist in the city. Seoul hosted the 1988 Olympic Games and in 2002 hosted three games of the World Cup. The city is divided into 25 districts which were first set up seven 1943rd The average annual temperature is 12.2 degrees and annual maximum temperature in summer is 38.5 degrees. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Drew Houston.

In winter it can sometimes up to -23 degrees cold. The best seasons are spring from late March to May, when Seoul attracts visitors with a beautiful cherry blossoms, and autumn in September and October. In Seoul, there are a variety of cultural and tourist attractions. So you can find theater, music, palaces and monuments, temples and forts, parks and cemeteries, as well as great shopping possibilities. Opened in 2001 near Seoul Incheon International Airport is the international airport of South Korea. Seoul is also the educational center of South Korea. Here, only 36 universities are located. An own culinary specialty has not Seoul. Therefore, the city offers a huge choice of restaurants serving Korean and international cuisine to suit all budgets. Are very popular street restaurants. Get to know this amazing city and be enchanted by a region in the still, not everyone was. Cheap flights and hotels can be obtained directly with us. We look forward to your visit. If you already several times been in Korea and want to explore more distant countries, please visit our website last-minute.de. We always offer cheap last minute deals to South America. You may even find an interesting destination.

ADAC Tests, New Car Purchase On The Internet

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New car portals are average 5 percent cheaper than dealer look, buy, drive: who wishes not to be able to purchase a new car easily? But before the purchase contract is concluded, it is called first look and compare. In addition to the clarification of model, features and price in particular a question needs to be answered: where to buy the car the best? For new car buyers, where a cost savings through discounts is important, of buying a car with the mouse is a good alternative. The ADAC in the current test Internet portals for buying new car found out. Discounts when purchasing a car on the Internet In the ADAC test evaluated twelve online provider of new cars. The shopper took the offers on the portals look at this and led to comparison with car dealerships in ten selected cities sales pitches.

This popular car brands and models in the foreground stood for the tester. The required equipment was previously set and applied to all tested providers equally. Discount amount or pricing as well as user-friendliness and transparency were assessed. The result for Internet intermediaries can be seen. The test revealed that these were cheaper 5 percent on average as the dealer.

In terms of transparency and customer service, new car portals are just as strong as the local Distributor. According to the judgment of the ADAC prospective buyers can trust both the tested online providers, because there you can get expert advice about the service hotlines. carworld-24.de receives good ADAC judgment”of Internet intermediaries carworld-24.de landed in third place in the ranking of the portals. Especially at the price the online provider able to score points. So, the shopper on average received a discount of almost 18 percent. Further advantages of carworld-24.de: the discount difference before and after the desired configuration remains very low. Can also be compared between different models and configurations. Information about delivery time, standard equipment, costs and services of are clearly represented. In addition, you can choose from several delivery options: either pickup in factory or delivery to a car dealer of on-site and charges straight to your home. Be paid can be in cash or financing. The testers rated carworld-24.de staff at the helpline as a competent and helpful Advisor. If you would like to save money when buying new car online portals are a good alternative to the dealership. “Test Manager Thomas beer bag by the ADAC declared as a conclusion: it about who the money, who can his car also confidently on the Internet buy.” Press Manager Thorsten Schambach

Egyptian Tarot

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The World is, with number XXI, the last one of the arcane majors, although some nomenclatures give rise this to the Crazy person, with number XXII. But generally, it is considered to this one last like arcane without number. The World is arcane an extremely positive one, the unique one whose appearance in the distance of tarot is able to balance the negative influence of dignificadas letters bad (invested). In the Egyptian tarot the arcane one of the transformations is considered and receives the name of the Transmutation. It is the transformation in action, the origin of the cosmos radiating his force, and the mystery that gives rise to all the changes and, as well, obtains that everything remains equal. The appearance of this deck augurs to consult a life of successes on the Earth. The way will not be absolutely free of obstacles, but it will be counted on the force necessary to surpass them, thanks to the transforming energy that allows us to turn to us into which we wish, in a game of infinite possibilities. The merit of the work is recognized and obtains its right reward, inspirations are fruitful, the ideas take shape.

Under the present glance of the gypsy tarot, this arcane one announces great triumphs in the worldly subjects, symbolized by the crown of laurels that illustrates the letter. It follows extremely concerning arcane a favorable, that speech of profits and dreams fulfilled in all the earthly subjects. A beautiful house, economic tranquillity, successful businesses, everything what it is possible to be wished for a placid and happy existence. It is into the hands of who consults to look for the form to repay so many blessings being trasformando somehow, by small that are, the world surrounds that it. The gypsy tarot, unlike the Egyptian, grants special attention to the position of letters within the distance. Thus, if this arcane one appears inverted On guard within the distance of gypsy tarot, it will be suggesting that consults does not find its place in the world, and it is disoriented about his true desires and needs. Perhaps to this it must that their projects never get to take shape, or fail of inexplicable way. Who is not safe of the destiny that wishes for himself, it notices this arcane one to us, and one is satisfied to first that appears or worse still, and so they impose the others to him, loses the divine power to transform its own world.

Serum Xingu

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Unique anti-aging complex of Santaverde Santaverde Xingu anti-aging complex contains the fresh juice of the Cashewfrucht, the gel of Aloe Vera leaves and antioxidant extracts and oils from the plant life of the Brazilian rain forest. This comes a unique vitality consistency, which highly effective protects against premature skin ageing exclusive plant extracts. Get all the facts and insights with Angelina Jolie, another great source of information. Natural cosmetics without water xingu high antioxidant prevention cream and serum uses gel and another medicinal plant extracts Aloe Vera in contrast to conventional cosmetics instead of the usual share of water, an exclusive mixture of Cashewfruchtsaft. More info: Kaihan Krippendorff. It achieved a particularly intense anti-aging effect on the skin. According to the manufacturer, the Xingu products reach a unique vitality consistency, which reliably protects the skin ageing factor number 1 – the antioxidant stress – with scientifically-proven performance. The products xingu high antioxidant prevention serum supports the skin in metabolic processes, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and is rested fresh complexion. The Serum ideally provides the skin with nutrients and moisture, stimulates the skin’s own regeneration, softens light and sun damage, and supports the natural collagen and elastin synthesis.

An application of 30 ORAC achieved an antioxidant anti-aging protection. Xingu high antioxidant cream prevention promotes natural skin functions with reduced equity power. The appearance of the skin is a vital, smooth appearance with new strength and energy. The cream ideally provides the skin with nutrients and moisture, protects the elastine and collagen tissues, gently calming and against inflammation and supports the skin’s natural elasticity. An application reaches a 25 ORAC antioxidant protection. Antioxidant effect – ORAC the ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) is the antioxidant power of a substance, i.e. it is how strong able to stave off free radicals. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules.

You snatch an electron indiscriminately and aggressively healthy cell molecules and damage Thus the cell massively in their normal function. A variety of health errors of our time as premature skin aging are attributed according to the latest scientific findings on the activity of free of radicals. Santaverde made cosmetics (measured in ORAC) in an independent Institute conduct comparable measurements of the antioxidatven force of the Xingu. The result: Xingu products reach a value of between 25 and 30 ORAC units per application. Xingu is the first cosmetics worldwide, which warrants an antioxidant anti aging. Santaverde xingu high antioxidant prevention products are available at. Anke Hentjes Saficos natural cosmetics

First Exclusive Gaming Mouse

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Company ZALMAN, released the first, exclusive gaming mouse – FG1000. Company ZALMAN, a distributor of products in the territory of Ukraine which is a company Nevada Ukraine, has released the first, exclusive gaming mouse – FG1000. Manipulator with a laser sensor and revolutionary design opens up a new era of gaming mice. With its unique design, the arm, especially suit lovers FPS-games. Mouse FG1000 – opens a series of gaming devices – FPSGUN , in product line ZALMAN. Now, gamers will not be clicking the mouse button to shoot, and will press the trigger and feel are holding a real weapon.

The device is perfect to go in hand, all controls are convenient and easily accessible, which allows for maximum control of the game. In addition to the innovative design ZALMAN FG1000 thought out and the location of the laser sensor, which is located in front of the manipulator. This solution lets you move the mouse pointer at a greater rate than our usual mice. The surface of the mouse covered with a special material to prevent slipping his hands and has a special Teflon feet, and thus a good sliding surface. Besides all this, the manipulator has a powerful laser sensor with a resolution of 2000 dpi, and the response time of just 1 ms. 5 programmable buttons allow adjust the control for themselves, and a switch that allows you to change resolution "on the fly" may have come in handy in the game. Top-notch, impeccable design, sound design, high quality ZALMAN FG1000 making sure not leave indifferent fans of FPS-games, and leave the most vivid impressions from using the device in the computer games.

For More Mallorca Instead Staycation

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Energy cooperative Freudenberg offers interest free pre-financing in Beiersdorf-Freudenberg deposits limited – a two-week Mallorca holiday deals more than a tonne of CO2 per person and harms the climate as much as a year of driving a car. The tourist climate footprint comes to this conclusion the study 2009 “the environmental Foundation WWF Germany. In it, the WWF has a climate footprint”calculated for seven example holidays that are typical of the travel habits of the Germans. The calculation shows areas in which a trip how much climate-damaging CO2 is caused. So, 925 kilograms of CO2 every traveler incurred solely with the arrival and departure of the trip to Mallorca. 148 kg for catering 91 kg and for the activities on the ground are also once again 58 kg of CO2.

However, more and more Germans want to travel environmentally conscious, as also emerges from the WWF study. 43 percent of Germans want to choose accordingly, quasi future a holiday destination in the vicinity as a contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions”, or have already done. 20 percent of the Respondents expressed intention to book only trips that take into account environmental standards. (Source: WWF Germany) Who already relies on a balanced CO2 balance throughout the year for the fuel or fuel oil consumption, can travel to continue confidently to the shooter. As anyone who as already uses the diesel fuel CEHATROL, can refer to a nearly balanced CO2 balance. CEHATROL is an according to DIN EN 590 certified the second generation biofuel is produced exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues, and must not be equated with conventional biodiesel. Due to its synthetic composition, he is easily etc. MSCO will undoubtedly add to your understanding. can be used in all diesel engines, block heat and power plants, and can even be mixed.

EC is the Brandenburg-based energy cooperative in Freudenberg. Farmers receive free CEHATROL for their supplied straw. In addition, CEHATROL is delivered to the other members of the cooperative to the current production cost. Who more than 300 l diesel required in the year private in his company, can now on CEHATROL and thus be an environmentally friendly fuel balance. Cooperative Board Member Helmut Uhlig urges to rush: but everyone interested in a positive CO2 balance and economic use of resources in the company or in the own House. Our energy cooperative wants to be pioneering and possible nationwide to recruit members for our own biodiesel production. Therefore, we have started a cooperation with a prestigious pension fund in the amount of EUR 3.5 million. Thus, we can meet people who might shy away from the difficult way to the Bank, by we finance up to 2/3 your deposits of zinslos(!). “The offer is valid only as long as the pot is not exhausted and at the latest until August 28, 2009.” More information about the energy cooperative of Freudenberg and CEHATROL on.

March Workers

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THE technician in labour insertion: Concept, designations and types there are professions so well known that it seems that they have always existed, and there are professions so new that it seems nobody knows them. throughout. There are directors of sales, lawyers workers, administrative assistants, waiters/ACE, electricians and grooms of warehouse, but there are also designers as web pages, analysts of municipal solid waste, cleaners/ACE of facades, auxiliary of assistance to home and counselors as labour. When always appears a new profession is the fruit of new needs and new social uses, such as Internet access, concern for the environment, the ageing of the population, etc. Unemployment and labour flexibility are also new joints that have made necessary the figure of the career Planner. Recognized the existence of a new profession, regulate and normalize it, so that it fits the exact location within a scale of professional categories is and are remunerated adequately. Today the labour market is very variable and sensitive to any social, economic or political factors. In today’s society of globalization and communication without limits, small and medium-sized enterprises are obliged to renew continuously, otherwise would disappear.

Therefore changes of activity, product or service, and employees, are constant. According to some statistics current worker, on average, changes of occupation or company throughout their working life, between 5 and 10 times. This panorama is pretty chaotic for who is in a situation of job search. It is necessary to introduce a stabilizing and tounged element of labor dynamics. Public services of employment and their employment counsellors play this role for quite some time. In 1978 the national employment Institute is created, and among its functions is to assist workers to find employment. Two years later, in 1980, the Basic Law of employment talks already create specific programmes to encourage the placement of workers with difficulties of insertion. The order 68/90 of 9 March, which speaks of granting of aid for the realisation of actions of professional information, vocational guidance and active job search, so are other entities that carry out this work was published in 1994.