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As this constellation can be expressed the planetary motions appear more often decline as direct distance, if they are in opposition to the Sun. So subtle, they symbolize a whirl of consciousness, called also not Sun because this affects the collective unconscious. Uranus is 23.46 degree in fish, which means, that expedient objectives involves the community here higher, which are gradually achieving only through acceptance of their own and common boundaries. In the recurrence that can express herself through inhibiting situations, which do not allow this development. Still, much ingenuity will be needed to achieve any meaningful changes especially in the economic field.

The most difficult expression is here, lack of trend-setting and secure foundations. Aspects of loss are very striking in this constellation, when the signs of the times are not properly detected. It is of course generally no guideline according to astrological aspects to themselves, because subtle and most can be recurring pattern not as controlled recognized by innenher. Neptune moves 23,53 degrees Aquarius and forced the General vague perspective on things here. Negative messages and reports are replaced with a kind of gallows humor, and it tends to just do this now, or because in some areas of daily life over the strands look.

The maximum is just always good enough. The lack of appropriate role models in politics and the economy does the rest to promote sprawl in general social and cultural life. Dreams and desires take sometimes utopian forms and stand in stark contrast to what actually calls the current situation. All statements are general currents and give no information about actual developments in the different areas of the life of the individual. You can use declining planet with the relativity of law in relationship because it comes especially to very many different conceptions of time, which the spatial Perception can change without notice something like this / the affected. In accordance with the law of relativity, there is nothing in the universe itself, but acts, however, in accordance with the laws of everything with which it is linked. This means that it is perceived as, how the universe works on the Enzelne and the whole thing at a certain time and has the tendency to transform this perception in the present then during reentrant direct heat of the planet. Ursula Ortmann, Delbruck the 10.10.2009

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