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Aerzener Maschinenfabrik opts for simus systems Karlsruhe, 20.03.2013: the Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, a leading global manufacturer of blowers and compressors, has the class-based system of order of simus systems introduced GmbH for managing material master records and implemented this with their support. SAP compatible classification should in future for similar parts and CAD designs simplify the search and save costs through higher recycling rates. In the automatic restructuring and building a company-specific classification of its material master data the mechanical engineering company from the Weserbergland relies on the expertise and the software applications of the Karlsruhe data specialist of simus systems. To the development of technically sophisticated product range, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik on a large scale used parts and components that the company manufactures either itself or by external suppliers is referred to. To better manage the amount of data of the large range of products and a continuous solution to the construction to get the machine builders decided early last year to replace the old ERP system with a new ERP system from SAP. According to Dropbox, who has experience with these questions. With the introduction of the SAP PLM CAD directly it should be possible integrations by CIDEON software, to reproduce all ERP and PLM processes of the company without any interfaces on a system. For such data migration, it was first necessary to prepare all Materialinformationenen from the old ERP system systematically. Because a number of characteristics not standardized could be captured in SAP, each material masters had to first be converted to a practical grid.

After it had rejected the possibility of an own, manual classification in view of the high time and costs, they found the suitable partner in simus systems. Within the framework of various workshops, the data specialists at simus systems in collaboration developed a suitable system with Aerzener employees to capture all characteristic values effectively and clearly. Overall were within by four months, 60,000 material masters divided into 160 classes with various characteristics.

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