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The pollution of the ground is one of the forms depoluio, that mainly affects the superficial layer of the terrestrial crust, causing curses indirect right-handers or to the life human being, the nature and meioambiente in general. It consists of the improper presence, in the ground, of strange elementosqumicos, of origin human being, that harm the forms of life and regular seudesenvolvimento. Classificoa pollution of the ground in two types: Urban and the agriculturist. Nasreas urban, one of the main causes of this pollution, is the played garbage sobrea surface, without the had treatment. The presence human being, however, lanandodetritos and chemical substances, as the derivatives of the oil, constitute-senum of the ambient problems that need attention of the authorities pblicase of the society. Outrosgrandes polluting is the aterros, where nascidades are played the collected lixos. The decomposition of the existing organic substance in the garbage generates the chorume, a dark liquid of bad I smell and one high polluting potential.

Despite daproteo of the ground in the aterros, the chorume finishes leaking and contaminating the ground. Outroproblema of the aterros is the toxic garbage. As it does not have the minimum concern to emseparar the garbage, they finish indos for the aterros dangerous products, causing danosirreparveis to the fretico sheet. Acontaminao of the ground, in the agricultural areas, of -, over all for the improper use deagrotxicos and archaic techniques of production. Osolo or land is composed for four parts: air, water, emineral organic substance. These minerals if mix ones with the others. The organic substance semistura with the water and the mineral part and air is kept in buraquinhos quechamamos of pores of the ground, where also it is the water.

They are of these pores that asrazes of the plants remove air and the water that needs. Porisso is so important that it does not have pollution in the ground. It is as a cycle: we nsplantamos, we take care of and we harvest the vegetables that in turn, will be used emnossa feeding. If the ground will be poludo, vegetables will be contaminated, therefore we cannot eat. If we to eat, also will be contaminated, quepode to bring many risks for our health. References: Pollution of ground. Available in: .br/alpha/half-environment-pollution-do-ground/had access in 27 of November of 2009. Pollution of ground. Available in: in 28 of November of 209.

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