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One of the things that the majority of doctors in the above mentioned studies could agree is that stress and its results are a matter of personal preference. What affects a woman cannot affect another in the same way. Whereas some women seem to be much less fertile at the most stressful time, others still are able to conceive, even when they experience the same level of stress. This should not surprise anyone, obviously, the human body is so different in all their systems as it is with own fingerprints.Some people seem to feel a certain level of stress, but end up with the same right away, while others respond to stressful situations with a series of physical ailments. People are different, and there is nothing to be alarmed or ashamed about if he feels good about his situation and believes that this may be affecting their fertility levels. However, no matter how personally that this question is, the point is that the connection between stress and fertility or infertility rates–is something that cannot be ignored. A fertility expert noted that approximately 40% of couples experiencing fertility problems, there in no known cause that is identifiable.

It is in this group, he said, that may be most affected by stress. Twenty years ago, he said, the rate of infertility without apparent cause was between 10% and 20%. Today I see up to 40%. Women’s bodies are not different, but are your stress levels, and combined with the ticking of the biological clock, I think it lays the Foundation for infertility.

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